Welcome to the Skilz DJ Academy!

With over 25 years of experience, proven copyrighted curriculum, world class djs, flexible class schedules and professional services, you'll be learning to DJ and to produce in no time. You will meet top 10 worldwide djs for the delivery of your class certificate.

DJ School with certification or individual classes.

We deliver training to make you able to mix all kind of clubbing music, House, EDM or Hiphop. using all sorts of media from cd, usb, laptop to the vinyl. 3 Certification Bundle Packages to achieve your goal smoothly from DJ beginner to DJ Extensive.

If you just wish to improve your DJing skills and to learn new DJing tips, DJ extensive certificate is made for you.

If you are just interested in music production, the private lessons will bring a high added value and designed to teach you how to produce music according to digital music standards and help your future productions climbing to the top of the most popular music charts in the world. your final project will be submitted for consideration to be released worldwide on GaGa Records, the worldwide known Skilz DJ Academy label.

We now have branched out into live Radio broadcasting with our partners thechewb.com showcasing the talents of our rising stars at the academy.