Pete Howard lives in Glasgow, but really comes from Edinburgh, where a rich and varied musical upbringing found him suddenly embracing the purest essence of rock n’ roll from a young age. Viola lessons were swiftly abandoned in favour of playing guitar (and other musical instruments) with various bands, including misunderstood experimental electronic sound coordinators, The Urban Love Ulcer.

After moving to Glasgow, Pete got a masters degree, played in other cool bands like The Hallions and Venusian Death Cell, had a terrible accident, lost his memory, got it together again, got involved with student radio for a few years, got nominated for an SRA radio award and then got another degree.

The Urban Love Ulcer was revived and shared new music under this moniker online. Through this, he found Idealclubworld radio and was given a chance to try out his radio & TV skills on the sister-station; Ideal Bootcamp. He joined the main station in November 2013, presenting the Urban Love Ulcer rock n’ roll show for 2 ½ years.

Pete is passionate about all kinds of music, but is an expert in all things rock n roll, from it's birth, through it’s evolution into punk, garage, psychedelia, metal and everything in-between up to the present day. This is knowledge he takes great delight in sharing in an entertaining, informative and rock n’ roll manner. Join Urban Love Ulcer for an online rock n roll party with cakes, snakes, guitars and pies, Fridays from 10pm (UK time) on the!